28 November 2009

The PodcastFOUR4


By Dom Farelli

This week the discussion basis was, “Censorship.” This was due to Dom Farelli being censored on local radio when discussing (slagging off) some local pubs.

Topics discussed;

Failing to achieve four people for the first show, curing homelessness, Avril Lavigne‘s complicated lies, local newspaper two days behind breaking story, shaming pubs, solving licensing problems, straight sex AIDS, do vampires exist? censored Ice-T punk music, Russell Brand fucking Satanic Slut, racism fine against fake Spanish waiters, “5 Minute Mail” segment - Daily Mail’s fascist views, 1944 face book, Fight Club, mocking Jared Leto, Love Film fucking everything up, American Pie 7, joke free comedies, Richard’s Bacon, summary.

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