24 November 2009

The Workings of Conwy Council and the People Power

This Quote was taken off the "Thoughts of Oscar" Blog, and is a great example of how councils work, and how large decisions are made. I know it is stating the obvious but sometimes its just good to restate the obvious.

"Off topic but there could be hope for the council yet, thanks to people power their plans for Bryn Euryn have now been scrapped. "
Sadly, I doubt that's the case. They will only back down on minor issues. Try getting them to change their mind on things like the redevelopment of Colwyn Bay! With that, we have the sham process of 'public consultation', where the decisions have already been taken by regeneration boards and committees filled with council stooges and any ideas by 'ordinary' people are either ignored or filed away and forgotten about.

The renovation of Station Road is a case in point. The traders wanted the street reopened to traffic, everyone I've spoken to wanted the street reopened to traffic, yet 'they' knew better. As a result, we have a vast, sterile expanse of cheap Chinese granite that is already starting to look tatty."

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