17 April 2010

Funny from Robert Webb in The Telegraph - yes, The Telegraph!

This article is funny and was highlighted by Anton Vowl on Twitter. The comments section is the icing on the cake. 

Just a snippet... My favourite snippet. 

...It is not, for example, immediately obvious to me why I am a Labour supporter. More than half of my family are Tories; I grew up in a very conservative couple of villages in the largely Conservative county of Lincolnshire; I attended an excellent but hugely conservative grammar school, surrounded by the conservative sons and daughters of local Conservative councillors, solicitors, farmers, retailers, policemen and RAF officers. 

So at this point, aged about 15, I was basically a revolutionary communist. OK, maybe it is obvious: there is such a thing as rebellion. But most of the other boys and girls at that school didn't see any need for rebellion: it was a nice school and they were happy. I was happy too; I just also wanted to burn the place down.

Can you spot the George Comment?

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