17 April 2010

The future is all yellow and sunny

The future. The Liberal Democrat future. The landslide that is now upon us, even if it requires 63% of the popular vote or something to claim a majority of 1, who cares, surely all the other parties will come out on Wednesday May 5th and declare that all voters should vote and adopt a new, cool and headline grabbing liberalism.

I can't wait. Everybody clapping. Street parties. Houses being painted yellow. Boys and Girls being called Nick. The most popular middle name becoming Clegg, with the braver parents going the whole hog with a John Stuart Mill tat. Council estates where everybody is friends. You haven't been to ghetto till you have been to a Lib Dem ghetto. Liberal hoodies asking old ladies if they need help across the road. Daily Mail readers and editors either quietly emigrating to Costa del Peckham or embracing such wonderful change with a now legal smoking of the odd joint of a sunny July evening. Heaven on Earth. The Lib Dems are my hero's.

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