18 April 2010

Podcast #21 - The Podcast Four


This week the discussion basis was, “Poker and Gaming.” George tried not drumming like a twat, we played a video of a daytime TV games debate, Dom was angry, together they discussed poker for a bit and gaming and other stuff, yeah.

Topics discussed;

Twitter-tard, beer warning, sensitive George, 13hr days, poker arrogance, BlackJackTwats, Mo Poker, a brief bad beat story, stop for GaGa, Ivey don’t (full) tilt, poker cuntface, general celebelections, National Service can fuck off, 18th Birthday surprise, George’s Gang Warfare, outside but anti-social, PC Gary Cooper lies, Religious group, A.I. - Ay Eye, Tishmarsh is a cunt, Kelvin McKenzie is a MASSIVE cunt, sand in vagina callback, computer games mass-debate, pause for apology, Tsuani of violence gets applause, parents? Interaction? No need, shout outs, copywrite, screenwriting, little bits, some charts, film talk, absolute shite talking from George - seriously mental shite, yes I said partner, Kick Ass, Daily Fail’s paedo review, Chris Tookey - get a grip nonce, end.

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