26 March 2010

I Love the NHS staff

I need to be clear about this one before any reader thinks I'm talking about the many attractive nurses in equally fetching uniforms. I'm not, although, of course, one must appreciate this form of public service. What I'm talking about is the brilliant staff I have come across over the past 13 months, but in particular, my experience yesterday at the Royal Liverpool University hospital. Administrators, receptionists, nurses, surgeons, consultants, professors, porters, kitchen staff, cleaners and doctors. I have probably come into contact with a thousand staff, and I can count on one finger the number of people who have caused me any kind of negative feelings whatsoever. 

Yesterday was fantastic, I was made to feel welcome, at ease and in one case, in hysterics from the nurse running the scanning machine; he informed me I should be spending my hospital visits in Yorkshire, not Merseyside, and that I should get onto my local councilor to ask him why they haven't built any hospitals in my area yet. Cheeky git. 
Thank you.

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