03 March 2010

Respect for the recently dead

Let me start by admitting my hypocrisy. I have wished death on Margaret Thatcher many times, without any level of regret or reconsideration. Until now. I hate her, everything she stands for, everything she led her party to change. The communities she destroyed, the industries she closed down, the individual lives she wrecked - all with her 'modernising' alliance with the economic liberalism of the Reagan era. None of this matters. I was wrong. I don't want her to die. I will never wish that on anyone, again, as hard as that might be, although I can't promise or predict the future.

Why the change of heart? The reaction of certain individuals to the death of Michael Foot today. Simple. Yes, all the comments and posts are made by nameless retards. Yes, they have been wishing a painful death on our current Prime Minister for years. Yes, the vast majority of them, as right-wingers, would consider 'principled idealism' as alien to them as collective trade unionism. The vile, abusive, vitriolic hatred typed by these specimens of pure shit , beggars belief. If they said these things in the street - and my words 'they' complain constantly about broken Britain and the lack of respect coming from the youth of today - they would rightly be arrested or condemned. Anyway, my days of entering 'the spirit of virtual assassinations' and 'abusive comment scraping' are over. So are my days of wishing death on Margaret. I hope she enjoys her last few years, and in the spirit of optimism, joins the Labour movement with Carol and helps bring down the next Conservative government. Good old Maggie...

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