06 March 2010

US facing rise in right-wing extremists.

Forget Islamic terrorists, Osama-bin-Laden, North Korean dictatorships or Iranian nuclear proliferation - in the USA - a huge increase in right-wing 'patriot' groups and militias have alerted law enforcement agencies since the election of Barack Obama.  

According to the Guardian these groups are 'armed and angry', and are encouraged by the "increasing propagation of conspiracy theories by parts of the mass media such as Fox News." 

"The SPLC has identified 512 groups, including "patriots" and militias, which it accuses of pushing extreme anti-government doctrines or promoting political conspiracy theories. It says that many are not directly involved in violence but help feed extremism.

States with several groups include: Texas (52 groups including American Patriots for Freedom Foundation, Central Texas Militia, Texas Well Regulated Militia); Michigan (47 including Northern Michigan Backyard Protection Militia); California (22 including State of California Unorganized Militia, Northern California State Militia, American Armenian Militia, Freedom Force International); Indiana (21 including Indiana Sedentary Militia, Indiana Citizens Volunteer Militia, 3rd Brigade); New York (17 including Empire State Militia); Oregon (14 including Oregon Militia Corps) and Kentucky (13 including Kentucky State Militia – Ohio Valley Command)."
Do you suppose this will be the 'breaking news' on Fox News? Will this be a huge concern to the right-wing propagandists of Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly? I doubt it. Like I said before, it just doesn't fit the narrative.
(Some other examples from the UK and Europe found on this blog.)

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