03 March 2010

RIP Michael Foot (1913-2010) A true socialist, true to himself and the movement

The way the Murdoch press treated him was an absolute disgrace. If only he had won in 1983. If only... A man who took such awful criticism from both sides of the house, usually hidden away with conspiracy, but always managed to stick to his beliefs, his principles and that of the movement. If only we had more politicians like him. True socialist, true speaker, true principles, true brilliance. You will be missed.

"I think the House of Lords ought to be abolished and I don't think the best way for me to abolish it is to go there myself" - On his departure from the House of Commons, 1992.

"Most liberties have been won by people who broke the law" -Interview in 1980.

"Socialism without public ownership is nothing but a fantastic apology" - In the Daily Herald, 1956.

This post, however, does far more justice to the man, more than I could ever wish to do - and is posted on Iain Dale's blog. Brian Brivati - brilliant words.

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