07 March 2010

The Podcast Four - George's Features

Podcast 15! Fucking 15! How many? Yes... fif...bloody...teen! 

This week the discussion basis was, “George‘s Features.” George decided he should be in charge of a podcast, so came in the studio with a list of features, Dom was angry, together, they discussed George’s features.

Topics discussed;

Our best opening, it was brilliant, 1st timers, coffee explained, few features, choke him out, sarcasm in voice, NY Gay, Dan’s gang history, emotional Vs physical scarring, it can be both, build the rage, Glen Beck’s progress cancer, Google it Glen, OLIGARH, wasn’t a John Stewart impression so, racist accent, No 1 fan again, Che Chevara was a good team, worlds best headline, CSI lie, random-wiki-5, status fun with music, assume a month, Alicia Keys love in, Talent - no contest, $ stumps George, random music, radio spaz spaz, ‘94 chart lies, old doesn’t mean classic, NME subscription cancelled, Dom pauses for a lie, stop lying mum, “Fuck I bought Boyzone”, NEXT, Dom rage, NEXT, U.F.No, alien day trip to Manchester, leave the crops you cunt, Dom and George swap impressions, end.

Cheers Dom. I love reading these on a Sunday morning. It's like a blast from the past even though it was only a couple of weeks ago. I'm like, oh yeah, bloody hell yeah, of course, I remember that, as if, can't wait to listen to radio spaz spaz... 

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